The Best Foodie Deals For Prime Day 2022

2022-06-24 18:59:39 By : Admin

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If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you've likely been anticipating Prime Day 2022 — and if you're not aware of this bonanza of sales and deals, then you're going to want to familiarize yourself quickly. Running for 48 hours each July and falling on the 12th and 13th this year, Prime Day is a deep discount event offered only to Amazon Prime subscribers (via CNET). Think of it as the summertime version of Cyber Monday. The event is a great opportunity to cash in on the slashed prices of items ranging from electronics like smart TVs and gadgets to clothing and furniture (via Amazon). And though the official start of the event is next month, the site has already dropped select deals that you can add to your cart right now.

If you're a foodie who loves to keep a well-stocked kitchen, you're not going to want to miss Prime Day. In addition to compelling deals on pricey brand-name cookware such as Le Creuset (via Food & Wine), PYMNTS reports that in order to help ease the sting of record-high food prices at the grocery store, Amazon will offer deals on goods and groceries available at brick-and-mortar Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods stores.

We've rounded up some of the best cookware and food deals offered in the online sale event, so read on if you're ready to stock your cabinets and pantry.

If you enjoy shopping for food but have felt less than encouraged by the sky-high prices of foods that have soared recently due to inflation and other global challenges, you're going to want to check out Amazon Prime Day deals on groceries. According to PYMNTS, the site has added discounts on food and beverages to its deal day lineup, announcing earlier this month that starting on the 29th, Prime members will get 20% off "select everyday essentials" available at U.S. Amazon Fresh stores — and best of all, the new deal will be available year-round.

The site also announced that on Prime Day, holders of the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa credit card will enjoy 6% back at Whole Foods stores and 5% back year-round, plus 2% back at restaurants.

Almost any amateur or serious cook has lusted after Le Creuset, the French manufacturer of heavy-duty, durable enameled cast iron pots and pans that perform incredibly well and come in a huge variety of tantalizing colors (via Insider). Le Creuset pieces have been known to last for generations, but if you haven't inherited one, you may have been holding off on purchasing your own due to sticker shock, with a basic nine-inch skillet running about $130 and a larger, more versatile 5.5-quart Dutch oven running a whopping $400.

But if the Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven — whose size and shape are "ideal for everything from slow-cooking and braising to roasting, baking, frying and more," according to Le Creuset — has been on your wish list, now's the time to grab it: it's available at a Prime Day price in select colors for around $290.

If you want to add a Le Creuset piece to your collection but are looking for something a bit less bulky and a bit more affordable, then you might want to drop its Enameled Cast Iron Signature Square Skillet Grill into your cart. A square 10.25 inches, the versatile grill pan is equipped with high ridges that "create perfect sear marks," and its interior is finished with black satin enamel that looks like raw cast iron.  Thankfully, it requires no seasoning or maintenance to remain nonstick (via Le Creuset). The oceanic blue "Marseille" pan is on sale for $164.95 and the red "Cerise" for $167, down from the list price of $180 in both cases.

Staub, a Le Creuset competitor that also manufactures high-quality cast iron and enameled cast iron pots and pans in France (via Zwilling), is a bit more affordably priced making it a great Prime Day buy. The brand's Staub Cast Iron Round Double Handle Pure Grill Pan is a similar make and style to the Le Creuset option above, though round with a 10-inch diameter and two handles, and is available in three colors for roughly $140, down from $200.

Lodge is an American-made brand known for its quality and durability, as well as its affordable prices. The brand's flagship item, its pre-seasoned cast iron skillet, is consistently among Amazon's best-selling pans, and is praised by outlets including Serious Eats, the New York Times, Kitchn, and Epicurious. This Prime Day, the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is even more affordably priced than usual, with its 10.25-inch version selling for $19.90 (down from $29.85) and its 12-inch version selling for $24.88 (down from $44.50).

If you're all set on cast iron but have been looking to fill out your collection of stainless-steel cookware, you won't want to miss this great deal on a whopping 17 pieces of pots, pans, and accessories from Duxtop. The Duxtop Stainless Steel 17-Piece Pots & Pans Set contains 1.6-quart and 2.5-quart saucepans; a 4.2-quart casserole; an 8.6-quart stock pot; and a 5.5-quart sauté pan, all with tempered glass lids; a steamer basket; a boiler basket insert for the stock pot; and three cooking utensils. Made from 18/10 stainless steel and suitable for gas, electric, and induction stovetops, the whole set costs just $186.99, down from $294.99.

Have you gotten in on the air fryer trend yet? The handy countertop appliance is known for its ability to produce crispy "fried" items using hot air, not oil, and can take on a wide variety of cooking tasks, from reheating leftovers and crisping vegetables to making hard-boiled eggs and toasting bread. The air fryer has been around since 2010, according to Kalorik, but if you haven't had the chance to see for yourself what all the fuss is about, you might want to opt for this Amazon Prime offering. The Kitcher 3.5-Quart Air Fryer is available for $67.49, down from $89.99.

If you need a blender in your life — and want the convenience of being able to take your smoothies, shakes, and blended soups on the go — then this Prime Day offer is for you. The GE 5-Speed Blender is a 1000-watt blender with five speeds, featuring a 64-ounce blender jar as well as two 16-ounce blender cups that can be used to blend on the appliance, then topped with their lids and taken to-go. It's currently priced at $79, down from $119.

If you've never had one before, a food processor can feel like a revelation in the kitchen, blitzing through previously mundane tasks such as chopping nuts, making breadcrumbs, and shredding vegetables with ease. Prime Day could be just the day for you to snag this handy appliance once and for all, with this GE 12-Cup Food Processor on sale for just $99, down from $159. The 550-watt food processor features sleek stainless steel finishings; three speed settings; an emulsifying disk for mixing together batters; a dough blade for kneading bread and pizza dough; a French fry disk for slicing vegetables; and a mini chopping bowl for processing smaller amounts of ingredients.

Whether you're a coffee geek or a tea head, sales are always a good time to stock up on gear for preparing your favorite beverage at home. If java is your brew of choice, it's a wonderful indulgence to grind your beans at home fresh every morning, which better retains the beans' complex oils and results in a more full-bodied brew (via The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf). Prime Day is a great time to snag a grinder if you don't already have one, with this Cuisinart Coffee Grinder priced at just $18.99, down from $40.

If tea is more your style, Amazon has an option for you, too. This high-quality Mueller Electric Kettle plugs in to boil water in just minutes, featuring a seven-cup kettle made from highly heat-resistant borosilicate glass and featuring an LED light to show when the unit is heating as well as an automatic shutoff once the water has boiled. It's on sale now for 50% off, available for $24.97, down from $49.99.